What is League?

Definition: lēg/ noun – a collection of people, that combine for a particular purpose, typically mutual cooperation.

Who is League?

League is a community of agents dedicated to meaningfully serve their clients through creative media.

The world evolves and adapts everyday. That includes the world of real estate. League came to us because they wanted to create a new way to effectively market their listings because of the vastly expanding media we live in today.

With new marketing strategies and services they’re able to corner the market in ways never seen before.

League reached out to us at Tourmax, in order to give their agents a wide-range of creative services to effectively market their listings.

– Professional Photography
– Professional Video Tours
– Professional Aerial Footage
– 3D Home Tours
– Creative Lifestyle Videos
– Online Advertising
– Social Media Advertising
– Print Advertising
– Home Staging
– Unique Property Search Software

+ Much More

League makes their buying & selling process completely streamline and very easy for both buyers and sellers. They are bringing a new experience to the real estate market in DFW.

So why League?

The normal ways of selling homes just don’t cut it anymore. League insures you’re being served by a team who knows how to sell homes not only in todays market, but also in the market of tomorrow.

We are proud to be League’s creative media partner, and look forward to seeing them impact the DFW real estate market.

League Real Estate’s Website