Tourmax owns the copyright to every piece of media that we produce. When you purchase the media from us, you are given permission to use the media for your marketing and business. Media is non-transferrable, and clients are not authorized to sell media to others.
Simply call 1-833-TOURMAX and we will get you all set!
We understand that the real estate industry can be hectic and chaotic at times. The only time that we charge for a cancelation is if canceled within one hour of your scheduled shoot. In that event, you will be charged the full amount of the services you have reserved.
Tourmax is closed on the weekend. However, we have photographers available on volunteer basis to shoot on a Saturday or Sunday. Images from weekend shoots will be delivered on the following Monday. There is an additional charge for weekend shoots.
Yes we do! We strongly recommend that you hire a professional drone pilot, who is licensed with the FAA to capture all of your aerial media.
If is raining or expected to rain, we leave it up to your discretion to reschedule as soon as possible. If you do not call or email us to reschedule within 6 hours of the scheduled appointment, we assume we are still shooting the property.

We can always shoot the interiors on a rainy day, and come back to shoot the exteriors when there is better weather.

We schedule our first shoot of the day for 9am, and the last shoot of the day is at 4:30pm. Of course our twilight shoots are scheduled about an hour before sunset.
Yes. If the wind is above 15MPH, it isn’t safe to operate an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or “drone”. If your aerial photo or video appointment is interrupted by high winds, the appointment will have to be rescheduled. We leave this decision to our certified drone pilots.
Our office hours are M-F, 8am to 5 p.m. If you happen to call after business hours, please leave a message and we will get back to you next business day. If it is an emergency, please email us with “Urgent or Emergency” in the subject and one of us will handle it as soon as possible.

All emails and voicemails sent over the weekend will be taken care of the next business day (Monday)

On the day of your shoot, you will receive your invoice via email. You are able to pay securely with all major credit cards. You can also call and make payment over the phone.

If you would like to sign up for Tourmax Auto Pay, we can also keep your credit card information securely on file and just submit the charge on the day of service; that way you get your media as soon as its available.

Once your invoice is paid in full, we can send your media files when they are ready.

Your honest feedback is the most important aspect of our customer service experience. We want to know what you think! Please let us know ASAP if you are ever unhappy with your experience. We will make it right.
This could be a few things:

  • Our delivery email may be in your spam or junk folder
  • Your invoice has not been paid yet
  • We do not have the correct email for your account

If none of these are the case, please give us a call and we will get it resolved quickly.

You can share your video a couple of ways. If you do not want your audience to have to go to our Vimeo page, you can download the video directly to your device and share that way. Also, you could share via Vimeo with the share button in the top right of the video.
This is a very touchy subject in the Code of Ethics department of MLS. Here is our stance:

We are hired by you to provide you with marketing material for your listing. You are ultimately held responsible if there were to be accusations of misrepresentation. We can slightly green grass during dormant seasons, and blue up the skies a bit, but we cannot cover up defects. If there is not grass, or the grass is patchy, we cannot add grass. If there are stains in the carpet that are “going to be fixed” then we would request to reschedule once it has been completed, rather than photoshopping the carpet to look new.

We know it would never be your intention to mislead or misrepresent a home, and we feel the same way.

Third party vendors are not allowed to login to MLS under your username and password. You, as the agent could lose your real estate license for handing out that information, and we, as a company, can be fined.
All shoots before noon on Friday will be delivered that same day before end of business. Shoots that are after noon on Friday will be delivered on Monday morning before noon.
You will receive a delivery email within 24-hours after the end of the shoot, assuming that your invoice has been paid.

This email includes a link to download your images. Once you click that link, you will have the option to download the MLS formatted image files, or download Print-Quality images.

Yes, as long as it is requested at the time of booking or at time of the shoot. We cannot take amenities photos if there are people in the shot, for privacy reasons.

Amenity shots are considered individual shots, so they will be included / counted as part of the package that you have selected.

Because of our limited time frame, we ask that you please provide exact directions to where the amenities are so we can locate them in a timely manner.

To keep our schedule flexible and ensure that we can accommodate each of you when you need us, it is very difficult to assign specific photographers to specific shoots. All of our photographers are employees of Tourmax, they are not contractors that take photos for us from time to time. All of our photographers use the exact same camera, lens, settings, and process. Lastly, all photos are edited by our in-house editing team to ensure quality control and consistency of standards.

Our expectation is to maintain high quality deliverables, regardless of which photographer shoots the property. If you ever feel that a photographer is not meeting that expectation, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Yes they do! We supply each photographer with a Supra key to accommodate our clients who are unable to be at the shoot.
Please use this map for reference as to the area we cover without trip fee.