Drones are becoming a whole new way to market listings to potential buyers. This new technology gives a birds eye view at homes, land, and surrounding amenities to properties.

Having the overhead view can give buyers that full perspective of a properties space and it let’s them visualize just exactly how efficiently they could use the property.

Drone photographs catch peoples eyes when browsing they’re browsing through tons of listings.
They are becoming the must-have for rural areas to show off vast acres, ponds, trees, and even the bigger picture of all the buildings on a property.
But drones can also be used for suburban areas or city properties to show off neighborhoods, parks, lakes, and shopping centers near a property.

IMPORTANT: As of August 2016, all drone pilots using drones for commercial use must be legally certified under FAA regulations. Before you hire a drone photographer, make sure they meet these qualifications to avoid legal liability. Tourmax has taken the time to legally certify our drone pilots to ensure you don’t have to deal with that hassle.

Check out these examples below of the many uses for drone photography.

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205 Augusta-60

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