Ever wonder how to get that smooth dreamy look in water in your photos? With the right settings and a sturdy tripod, it’s easier than you may think. The below picture was taken at the Fort Worth Zoo last summer. One of the most important things in achieving a shot like this is to have your camera on a tripod. Since you will be dealing with a long exposure, you want your camera to be as sturdy as you can get it. (With that said, I did not have my tripod for this shot, so I just sat my camera on a nearby rock and set the timer to get the shot. A tripod is the preferred choice) Here are some step by step instructions and settings for this shot.

1. Turn your camera on!
2. Set your camera to Manual
3. Set your ISO to 100
4. Set your F Stop to F/18 or higher (Higher the number, the less light enters the lens, the longer exposure you will have, thus the
dreamier your water will look)
5. Check your exposure (You may need to adjust some settings so that your shot isn’t too dark or too bright)
6. Compose your shot
7. Take your shot!