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What is the Advantage of a 3D Tour?

What is a 3D virtual tour, and what are the advantages to having one for my new listing?

We are glad you asked! With any media options out there for real estate agents, it’s important to fully understand what the pro’s and con’s are to make a decision on whether or not it is needed for a particular listing.

What is a 3D Tour?

A 3D tour is a fully interactive and immersive mobile experience for any user viewing a home. The platform that we use at Tourmax is called Matterport. Their technology enables viewers to virtually walk through the home that has been scanned, look at every room, every corner – up, down, all around. The full home tour experience can be had in your pj’s, laying in bed, thousands of miles away.

The home is initially scanned with our specialized 3D camera, a process that typically takes about an hour and a half, and then the model and user experience is created from those scans. Once the model is ready, it is delivered to our client with a simple link that can be used to enjoy the interactive experience. You can also get an embed code to enable you to insert them into a website or another online platform.

Here is an example:

The Pro’s

Less Unnecessary Foot Traffic. One thing that can be frustrating for sellers is having to vacate there home every time someone schedules a showing. Add in that some of these showings are just people being nosey. The virtual experience gives everyone an opportunity to see the house at any time, and at no inconvenience to the sellers. Especially in light of recent health concerns, it drastically cuts down on foot traffic coming in and out of the home.

Great tool for out of town buyers. One way that we have seen these tours most effective is when it comes to out of state buyers. Now typically, they still want to view the home in person before closing, but it definitely helps narrow the home search down to just a couple. We have heard many success stories of how out of town buyers have made offers on homes before every actually stepping foot in the home.

Dollhouse View. The doll house feature allows the property to be viewed as a 3D image. Viewers can move the image around to see all aspects of the home. Each level can be viewed separately, or as a complete unit. The viewer can zoom in on certain areas to really dive into the home and get a feel for the layout.

Floor Plan. At Tourmax, we include an option to include the floorplan with dimensions to 3D Matterport.  This allows for buyers to not only visually see the size of a room, but know the actual measurements to see how their personal items will fit in the space of any given room.

What are the con’s?

Additional shoot time. As mentioned before, our photographers spend an additional hour at minimum in a home gathering the scans necessary for the 3D Tour. If the home is vacant or nobody is home for the shoot, it is no con at all. Just something to consider.

Privacy is minimal. For some people, having a their home virtually opened for anyone to see online is a con. Remember, everywhere the camera sees, the viewer will be able to see. This includes offices and master closets if those are scanned.

Takes some tech abilities. While we believe these tours are relatively easy to use and offer a great solution for most homes, some of your home buyers just aren’t that tech savvy. Remember that this crowd will probably get frustrated or pass up on the tour all together and just want an in-person showing.

Multiple Structures. Say you have a guest home or shop on the property and want it included in the tour with the home. Well, that space would have to be scanned separately and have its own tour created, giving you two separate tours – one for each structure. This is a con for such properties.

For more information regarding 3D Tours, or to schedule one for your listing or home, feel free to reach out to us. We would love to help answer any questions you might have.